Business Schools in France Taught in English

There are no exclusively English-speaking Business Schools in France. Nonetheless, as a result of more students worldwide seeking to pursue a degree in France taught in the English language. Most of these universities have now adopted a new bilingual system, where French and English-speaking students can learn together. However, some courses are offered in English while others are not.

Over the years France has showcased some of the finest English-taught universities. If you’re looking to study in France without knowing how to speak French, there are also a few English-speaking universities you may consider. Grab your popcorn as we sail through the top 5 best English-taught Universities in France for international students.

List of Business Schools in France Taught in English


The INSEAD business school is one of the largest graduate business schools in the world, it occupies a spot in the top 50 best business schools in France. It offers a top-notch educational experience, with the use of research facilities and practical learning they aim to produce the finest blend of business leaders.

It has campuses in 4 places around the world which are France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and San Francisco, along with its affiliation to business schools in the US and China. This business school offers an array of business-related degree programs at all degree levels up to master’s. It has a large composition of foreign students spanning more than 150 countries.

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Its Master of Business Administration degree program runs for a duration of 10 to 12 months. This program focuses on building entrepreneurial skills and socially responsible business practices.

2. ESSEC Business School

The ESSEC Business School established in the early 90’s, is one of the leading Institutions in France, with an emphasis on practical learning this institution aims to produce the finest blend of entrepreneurs and business personalities who will contribute greatly to French society and beyond.

With its business programs being ranked as one of the best globally, the ESSEC Business School is a very ideal choice to pursue a career in France. This school is popular for its past academic achievements and great contributions to the business world as most business leaders today have been traced to Geir’s origins in the ESSEC Business School.

It offers tons of business-related degree programs including the master of business administration which runs for over 12 months, in areas of finance, entrepreneurship, commerce, business analytics, and lots more, all up to the master’s degree level all taught in the English language.

Its affiliation with top other universities and companies has provided her students with internship opportunities and job placements, and using them as a medium for experiential learning has no doubt helped them attain these feet over the years.

3. HEC Paris

The HEC Paris founded in the late 80’s, 1881 precisely is no doubt one of the oldest business institutions in Paris, France. Its full name which is  École des hautes études de Paris, later shortened to HEC Paris is a top business school in Paris that offers a variety of business degree programs including the Masters of Business Administration program and others such as the Master in Management, MS and MSc, all taught in the English language.

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The HEC Paris MBA degree program lasts for 12-16 months. It is a highly sought-after program in France with a large number of international students pursuing it spanning more than a thousand countries. This institution is a very ideal destination, plus they offer these programs in English and French.

The HEC Paris has a strong global reputation and over the years has been ranked amongst the world’s best business schools consecutively. It has a good networking system, with both scholars and tutors spanning over 10,000 different countries. This business school aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration among people of different tribes, ethnicities, or races.

Its main campus is in Jouy-en-Josas, southwest of central Paris, with other campuses in Doha, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

4. Grenoble Ecole de Management

The Grenoble Ecole de Management is a business school in Grenoble, France. It is a leading business school in France popular for its emphasis on innovation, research, and technology management.

This business school offers a variety of degree programs taught in the English language, all in areas like commerce, business analytics, market research, finance, and lots more. They also offer a Master of Business Administration degree program and other business-related degree courses up to the Master’s degree level.

The Grenoble Ecole de Management business school has a good networking system and international focus which makes it an ideal choice for international students seeking to pursue a career in France.

5. Audencia Business School

The Audencia Business School is a top business school located in Nantes, France with other campuses in Paris and other parts of the world. Its establishment dates back to 1900, offering various business-related degree programs in areas of business, management, economics, finance, commerce, and other related fields. All of these are taught in both French and English language, up to the master’s degree level.

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This business school occupies a top spot as one of the best in France and worldwide. Some of the Master of Science degree programs it offers are as follows:

  •     Brand Strategy and Product Management
  •     Business Development and Growth Hacking
  •     Business Strategy and Consulting
  •     Data Management in Corporate Finance
  •     Data Science for Marketing
  •     Digital Marketing

With its saturation of foreign tutors and students, this business school operates with one of the best network systems, aimed at fostering collaboration amongst its students.

Popular for its unique learning approach and use of practical learning this institution works hand in hand with other business schools, universities, and companies which helps to provide her students with internship and job placement opportunities that further facilitate their knowledge of the real world. This guarantees their success in the business world and beyond, shaping them into fine business leaders.

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