Wells College Closing

According to the official announcement made by the school, Wells College is closing at the end of this academic semester.

Here is the official announcement from the school;

Wells College Closing

It is with profound sadness that we announce the forthcoming closure of our beloved Wells College at the end of this academic semester.

As trustees, we have a fiduciary responsibility to the institution; we have determined after a thorough review that the College does not have adequate financial resources to continue. As you may be aware, many small colleges like Wells have faced enormous financial challenges. These challenges have been exacerbated by a global pandemic, a shrinking pool of undergraduate students nationwide, inflationary pressures, and an overall negative sentiment toward higher education.

Members of the board, many of whom are Wells graduates, have spent years trying to find creative solutions to raise revenues in hopes of avoiding closure, including most recently having conversations with other academic partners. We acknowledge the work of all board members and college leaders, especially members of the Cabinet, our faculty, staff, and graduates on creating strategic plans, sponsoring aggressive fundraising campaigns, launching innovative new programs, and managing our resources with care. Your efforts are appreciated more than you know. But revenues, unfortunately, are not projected to be sufficient for Wells’ long-term financial stability.

The Board is committed to the legacy and educational mission of Wells College. As such, we have agreed with Manhattanville University where it will become our preferred teach-out partner. This partnership further will help ensure that Wells’ current students matriculate and that our institutional mission and legacy continue. Manhattanville is developing dedicated housing for Wells students and will be partners in supporting our students with transfer plans. Manhattanville has also expressed interest in developing a legacy agreement that would integrate the Wells College name and history into the Manhattanville community.

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In the coming hours and days, you will have questions, some of which can be answered immediately. We have created a website which lists additional information. We will continue to update this website and communicate with our stakeholders as we finalize plans for the closure of Wells.

The Board thanks all of our alumnae/alumni and friends who have supported the institution since its founding in 1868. Your support and generosity have allowed Wells to continue its mission of helping students think critically, reason wisely, and act humanely.


Marie Chapman Carroll, ‘75, Board Chair
Jonathan Gibralter, President

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