Best Colleges With No Application Fee In The UK

An application fee simply refers to a non-refundable charge that colleges or tertiary institutions usually attach to their application process for aspiring students, which cover the cost of reviewing the application. The scope of this blog post centers on Best Colleges With No Application Fee In The UK. Lets get in;

Importance of Colleges with No Application Fee

Colleges that provides students the opportunity to go around without paying application fee’s are really important in our society, as they encourage education, promotes accessibility and help people reach higher levels of education.

By removing this obstacle that seem to be posing in the way of some under privileged individuals, it allows for a wider audience of students to continue with their academic pursuits.

Purpose of the Outline

The sole aim of this article is to bring to your knowledge, 20 unique colleges in the UK that do not charge their students application fee’s, providing you the best information you may need to enroll into any of them. Also discussing elaborately it’s features, application process, criteria for selection and tips you should know as an aspirant.

20 Best Colleges With No Application Fee In The UK

1. University of Oxford

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom.

 Overview of the institution: It is renowned for its exceptional academic excellence and amazing history, which offers a large variety of disciplines.

 Features: It has a very massive library/reading space, tutorial based lectures and a rich cultural heritage.

Application/admission process: The university of Oxford requires aspiring students to submit their academic transcripts from their previous institutions and also letters of recommendations from prestigious people.

2. University of Cambridge

Location: The University of Cambridge is located at Cambridge, England

Overview of the institution: The prestigious university, is known for its excellent academic performances along the years, it’s research resource is massive and it provides intensive practical opportunity for students across various disciplines.

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Features: system of teaching, virtual classes, how the college operates, renowned faculty members, and a lively student community.

Admission Process: the university of Cambridge requires aspiring students to submit their academic transcripts, personal statement, and test scores from previous institutions of studies.

3. Imperial College London

Location: the imperial college of London as the name implies is located in London, England

Overview: the above institution focuses on the areas of engineering, medicine, data analysis and science with a world wide reputation for their amazing inventions, research and discoveries.

Features: The imperial college London have massive laboratories for research and tests, partnership with industries and a focus on the application of theoretical knowledge to the real world.

Admission Process: Their admission process is really not stressful as some others may be, they require you submit your academic transcripts, personal statement, and an interview for certain programs which is not compulsory.

4. University of Edinburgh


Location: this institution is located at Edinburgh, in Scotland

Overview: globally known for its excellent academic performances, diversity in students ration, vibrant culture and achievements.

Features: it has a Historic campus, is a partner with alot of industries giving it a winning edge in the sense that her students get to practice and gain more experience and a wide range of interdisciplinary plans.

Admission Process: they require students to submit their academic transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendation from prestigious people.

5.London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


Location: as the name implies is located in London, England.

Overview: the London school of economics and political science specialises in social sciences, LSE is a prestigious world wide university that focuses on research and discovery.

Features: they are located at the London central and are partners with various industries and government, creating an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge by also visiting and learning in these places where real work is done.

Admission Process: aspirants are required to submit personal statements, results from previous institutions  and academic transcripts.

6. University of Manchester


Location: the university is located at Manchester, England

Overview: the university of Manchester focuses on research, practicals, innovations and discoveries.

Features: is known for its vibrant student life, cultural diversity and variety of cultural diversity, course options.

Admission Process: aspirants are required their academic transcripts, personal statements and lots more.

7. University of Bristol


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Location: located at Bristol, England

Overview: the prestigious university is known for its exceptional academic performance, research and developments.

Features: it has a very beautiful and conducive campus for students, good customer service and extracurricular activities for students.

Admission Process: aspirants are required to submit their academic transcripts, personal statements and recommendations letter.

8. University of Glasgow

Location: the university is located at Glasgow, Scotland

Overview: they are known for their excellent academic performances and distinct learning style and siren environment.

Features: is known for its historic campus, strong community relationship and global citizenship.

Admission Process: aspirants are required to submit their transcripts, personal statement and recommendation letters.

9. University of Warwick


Location: located at Coventry, England

Overview: the university of Warwick is known for its multidisciplinary approach to research, development and discoveries.

Features: it has good campus structures, partner ship with industries and researches.

Admission Process: students are required to submit their transcripts, statements, recommendation letters and results from previous institutions.

10. University of Leeds


Location: the prestigious university is situated Leeds, England

Overview: Offers a variety of professional courses and opportunities for students personal development.

Features: the have a vibrant students community and have variety of extracurricular activities and career support schemes.

Admission Process: aspiring students are required to submit their academic transcripts, personal statement, and references for undergraduate applications same as other institutions.

11. University of York


Location:  York, England

Brief Overview: the university of york is known for its beautiful campus setting, historic environment and good researches.

Features: interdisciplinary programs and we’ll being plans.

Admission Process: same as other institutions.

12. Queen Mary University of London


Location: London, England

Overview: A prestigious research-intensive university with a sole objective of excellent academic performances and creativity.

Features: it’s unique location, partnership with industries and vibrant students community.

Admission Process: same as the other universities. More inquires can be made directly from their customer service.

13. University of Southampton


Location: Southampton, England

Overview: Known for its great achievements in aspects of research, creativity and innovation.

Features: has beautiful and conducive learning environment, water front and vibrant students community.

Admission Process: it’s admission process is same as the other universities and more enquiries can be gotten directly from their customer service.

14. University of Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, England

Overview: Combines rich heritage and culture with modern technological facilities and a strong community spirit.

Features: Beautiful learning environment, vibrant students community, variety of courses to study and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Admission Process: Involves submitting academic transcripts and other required documents for clarification.

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15. University of Aberdeen


Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Overview: sole aim is to make impactful research and innovations.

Features: beautiful campus and learning site, vibrant students community and emphasis on discipline.

Admission Process: it’s admission requirement are usually same with other universities under this category, more information can however be gotten from their customer service.


Other colleges that do not charge application fees, are as follows:

16. Heriot-Watt University

17. Cardiff University

18. University of Exeter

19. University of Sussex

20. Yale University


Criteria for Selection

Absence of Application Fee

The major criterion to which applicants are to look out for when selecting an institution  is the absence of application fees, this particular criteria is to make sure that the student have equal opportunity and access to the institution regardless of his/her financial status.

Academic Reputation

Look out for institutions with great achievements, researches, discoveries and awards in the field you want to study, this is to ensure you get the best learning experience possible.

 Financial Aid Opportunities

Prioritize institutions that do offer financial assistance to less privileged students such as scholarships and bursaries in order to help them achieve their educational goals and feat.


Compare and contrast the locations of the various colleges, identify which is easily accessible, safe, has adequate social amenities and has an impact in your lifestyle as a student, by identifying this it will help you make more precise decisions.


Check out campus facilities, which are the libraries, laboratories, research buildings, accommodation, sports center, gymnasiums and so on.

Student life

Check out how life is lived on campus as a student, and try to tailor your thoughts towards it, it’ll help you do better and see the light in the tunnel.

 Tips for Applying

Review the Admission Requirements

Do well to go through whatever admission requirement you can lay hold on, make enquiries from the Universities customer service when necessary and make sure you meet all the set criteria and submit necessary documents you are asked to provide.

Prepare Application Materials

Gather all the required application documents, which includes your transcripts, test scripts from previous schools and recommendation letter, in other to make your application a solid one.

Research Financial Aid Options

Make enquiries about their financial aid options available at the selected institution including scholarships, grants, loans, bursaries and work-study programs to help  you alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

 Meet Deadlines

Do well to stick with the application deadlines so that your application can be reviewed quickly and increase your chances of being admitted.



To wrap up, i will say that selecting a college with no application fee in the UK(united kingdom) does not only gives you an easily accessible higher education, open doors to academic excellence, growth in knowledge, reaching expertise and making waves in your career path.

By considering the aforementioned outlined criteria, following the application tips, and making more enquiries about the recommended colleges, aspiring students can now begin their once in a lifetime journey in the United Kingdom with confidence and peace of mind.


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