CISSO Online Training Programs to Earn a Top Cybersecurity Certification

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer fondly called  (CISSO) credential validates expertise in managing enterprise cybersecurity programs. This certification is globally recognized as a premier information security management credential.

Earning a CISSO certification can boost your cybersecurity career. However proper training is essential to pass the comprehensive CISSO exam. In this guide, we evaluate the top CISSO online training options from accredited providers based on curriculum, instructors, format, and other key criteria.

Discover the leading CISSO preparation programs you can complete remotely to gain in-demand cybersecurity skills and earn this elite industry certification. Get more from this post – CISSO Online Training Programs to Earn a Top Cybersecurity Certification.

What is CISSO Certification?

The CISCO certification is issued by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium or (ISC)2 – the world’s leading cybersecurity credentialing organization.

To earn the CISSO designation, candidates must pass a comprehensive exam that covers:

– Information security and risk management

– Asset security and security architecture

– Security engineering and communication/network security

– Identity and access management (IAM)

– Security assessment, testing, and auditing

– Security operations and software development security

In addition, CISSO requires having 5 years of full-time work experience in information security with a bachelor’s degree, or 4 years of experience with a master’s degree or approved credential.

Holding the elite CISSO certification demonstrates the ability to design, implement, and manage a cybersecurity program to protect organizations. It is ideal for positions like:

– Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

– Director of Information Security

– Security Architect

– Security Analyst

– Security Manager/Specialist

Let’s look at the value of CISSO and how to choose the right online training.

Why Earn a CISSO Certification?

There are many cybersecurity certifications, but few are as prestigious and sought-after by employers as the CISSO. Here are 5 key reasons to earn a CISSO credential:

  1. Validates Advanced Security Management Expertise

CISSO certification proves you have the technical, managerial, and leadership skills to oversee an enterprise cybersecurity program. It demonstrates you can apply best practices related to governance, risk management, compliance, architecture, operations, and more.

  1. Boosts Career Prospects and Salary Potential

CISSO is universally respected by IT professionals. Possessing this premier certification enhances your credibility and opportunities. The average salary for CISSO holders is over $140,000.

  1. Fulfills DoD 8570 Requirements

CISSO certification meets the cybersecurity management requirements of the DoD 8570 directive for both IAM Level III and IASAE Level I/II roles. This qualifies you for lucrative government IT security positions.

  1. Facilitates Security Role Transition

Professionals looking to move from technical to managerial security roles benefit greatly from obtaining the CISSO certification. It formally validates cross-disciplinary leadership abilities.

  1. Maintains Global Relevance

CISSO maintains relevance worldwide as a vendor-neutral certification based on proven best practices, not proprietary technologies. It’s the security management credential with the broadest global portability.

For those seeking maximum credibility and opportunities in cybersecurity leadership, CISSO is the definitive certification to earn. Proper training and preparation are critical for success.

CISSO Exam Preparation Options

Before evaluating specific providers in detail, let’s briefly review the preparation options available to train for the CISSO exam:

Self-Study: You can purchase CISSO exam study guides and resources for independent preparation. But lacking structured guidance, most need classroom or online training.

Classroom Training: Various organizations offer multi-day CISSO training boot camps. While effective, in-person programs can be costly and time-consuming.

Online Training: For convenience and cost savings, many opt for CISSO online courses. Top providers deliver robust virtual instruction, materials, labs, and support. This allows preparing remotely for the exam.

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For most, comprehensive online training offers the optimal mix of flexibility, affordability, and effectiveness when prepping for the CISSO exam compared to other formats.

Next, we’ll explore the criteria for choosing the right online program before revealing the top CISSO training options.

How to Select the Best CISSO Online Training

Interactive Elements and Hands-On Labs

Look for training with interactive discussions, knowledge checks, projects, and hands-on cybersecurity labs to reinforce concepts through practical application.

Flexibility and Accessibility

The best online training options allow accessing materials at your own pace and schedule. On-demand availability supports self-paced learning while providing instructor interaction.

Cost and Value for Money

While cost varies based on provider, the expense should deliver reasonable value considering the quality of training and materials included in the program.

Student Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from past students provides helpful insight into the quality of instruction, relevance to exams, and overall program value. Favorable reviews indicate proven training.

Using these criteria, let’s explore the top online CISSO training options and compare their merits.

Top 10 CISSO Online Training Programs to Earn a Top Cybersecurity Certification

Here are the leading CISSO online training courses based on curriculum, instruction quality, flexibility, value, and student satisfaction.

  1. Cybrary CISSO Training

Cybrary is the premier online cybersecurity skills training platform used by professionals worldwide. Their CISSO course comprehensively covers every exam domain through interactive lessons, labs, and practice tests.


– Comprehensive CISSO exam preparation training online

– Serves beginner through advanced students

– Accompanying study guide materials


– Cybrary is a registered provider of (ISC)2 certifications

– Institutionally accredited

Course Content

– 100+ training modules mapped to CISSO exam outline

– Covers all 8 exam domains through lessons and labs

– Study guide, practice tests, flashcards


– Taught by Cybrary’s expert CISSP-certified instructors

– Active interaction through weekly live sessions


– Self-paced online delivery with lifetime access

– Supplemented by live virtual sessions

– Accessible via web or mobile app

Interactive Elements

– Hands-on cybersecurity labs reinforce key skills

– Quizzes and exercises test knowledge

– Active forums provide peer discussion


– Self-paced on-demand delivery

– The mobile app allows learning on the go


– Full course available for just $449

– Cybrary Insider annual subscription provides access

Student Reviews

– 4.7 out of 5-star average rating

– Praised for quality instruction, engagement, and exam prep


– Taught by expert (ISC)2 certified instructors

– Cost-effective subscription model

– Hands-on cybersecurity labs

  1. Infosec CISSO Bootcamp

Infosec offers an intensive 5-day virtual CISSO bootcamp course to prepare for the exam through lectures, labs, and exam simulations. Ongoing access allows reinforcement.


– 5-day online CISSO exam prep boot camp

– Led by a live instructor with ongoing access

– Covers all CISSO exam objectives


– Infosec is an accredited Continuing Professional Education provider

Course Content

– Each domain covered in depth over 5 days

– 15+ CISSO exam practice tests

– 4+ hands-on labs to build technical skills


– Taught by certified CISSO practitioners

– Active engagement through live online delivery


– 5 full-day live online sessions

– Lifetime access to recordings and materials

– Delivered through a virtual classroom platform

Interactive Elements

– Real-world labs to apply concepts

– Exam practice tests throughout

– Participation is encouraged during live sessions


– Re-watch recordings anytime after boot camp

– Delivered remotely to any location


– $2,899 bootcamp program fee

– Volume discounts available

Student Reviews

– 4.7 out of 5-star average rating

– Praised for expert instructors and exam readiness


– Taught by senior CISSO practitioners

– Intensive exam-focused prep

– Ongoing access allows reinforcement

  1. CISSP Exam Prep Course – Mike Chapple

LinkedIn Learning and Book author Mike Chapple presents this comprehensive CISSO exam training video coto pto people spanning all domains.


– CISSO exam training video course

– Created by cybersecurity expert Mike Chapple

– Covers all 8 CISSO exam domains in detail


– LinkedIn Learning is an accredited provider

Course Content

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– 80 lessons organized by exam domains

– 8+ hours of video instruction

– Practice quizzes reinforce retention


– Created and presented by Mike Chapple

– Cybersecurity author, teacher, and CISSP


– Self-paced video course with online access

– Closed captioning and mobile viewing

– Learning management system tracks progress

Interactive Elements

– Knowledge checks throughout lessons

– Supplemental resources and links

– Searchable transcript and course bookmarking


– Self-paced access anytime

– View via web or mobile app


– Available to LinkedIn Learning subscribers

– Otherwise $29.99 per month of access

Student Reviews

– 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 400+ ratings

– Widely praised for clear teaching and exam prep


– Created by cybersecurity expert Mike Chapple

– Covers all CISSO domains in detail

– Structured video course format

  1. CISSO Certification Training – Lane Hanson

Security expert Lane Hanson presents this comprehensive CISSO prep course covering all exam objectives through lessons and practice questions.


– Online CISSO training course

– Taught by CISSO-certified instructor Lane Hanson

– Covers all CISSO exam domains in 15+ hours


– Offered through an accredited training provider

Course Content

– 100+ video lessons spanning the CISSO exam outline

– 15+ practice tests with 500+ questions

– Supplemental study aids and resources


– Taught by (ISC)2 certified trainer Lane Hanson

– 20+ years of cybersecurity experience


– Self-paced online, on-demand video delivery

– Accessible for 1 full year

– Optimized viewing on desktop and mobile

Interactive Elements

– Knowledge checks during and after lessons

– Practice question reviews explain concepts

– Notes feature allows highlighting key points


– Access lessons anytime 24/7 for 1 year

– View via web or mobile app


– $350 for full course access for 1 year

Student Reviews

– 4.4 out of 5-star average rating

– Praised for Lane’s teaching style and exam readiness


– Taught by credentialed (ISC)2 instructor

– Notes and knowledge checks reinforce lessons

– Supplemental exam prep study resources

  1. Simplilearn CISSO Training

Simplilearn provides comprehensive CISSO exam preparation through instructor-led training, labs, projects, and practice exams to get certification-ready.


– Blended CISSO training with live online classes

– 180+ lecture hours, labs, exam simulators

– Coaching and support included


– Simplilearn is an accredited training provider

Course Content

– 100+ video lessons across CISSO exam domains

– 20+ CISSO exam practice tests

– 2 cybersecurity simulation projects


– Led by (ISC)2 certified trainers

– Active teaching and question interaction


– Self-paced videos supplemented by live classes

– Delivered through an online classroom platform

– Tablet/mobile accessible

Interactive Elements

– Hands-on projects applying concepts

– Quizzes and tests validate knowledge

– Direct teaching engagement


– Self-paced video access anytime

– Re-watch live class recordings


– $2,199 for a full course bundle

Student Reviews

– 4.4 out of 5-star average rating

– Praised for knowledgeable instructors and support


– Taught by qualified (ISC)2 trainers

– Robust course materials and elements

– Instructor mentoring and coaching

  1. Udemy CISSO Video Course

Udemy’s top-rated CISSO certification video course comprehensively covers all exam domains through visual lessons and practice questions to pass the test.


– Online on-demand CISSO prep video course

– Created and taught by Peter Hlavaty

– Covers all CISSO exam objectives


– Udemy is an accredited online learning marketplace

Course Content 

– 80+ video lessons spanning CISSO domains

– 600+ exam practice questions

– Supplemental study materials and resources


– Created/taught by Peter Hlavaty (CISSP, CISM)

– IT security executive with extensive experience


– Self-paced on-demand video delivery

– Closed captions and note-taking functions

– Accessible on desktop, mobile, smart TV

Interactive Elements

– Practice questions and quizzes

– Discussion forums for engagement

– Searchable transcripts and note-taking


– Lifetime access to course materials

– Learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere


– Available for $12.99 as an Udemy course

– Free preview of first lessons

Student Reviews

– 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 900+ global ratings

– Praised for clear visuals, explanations, and exam prep

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– Visually rich instructional format

– Comprehensive coverage of all CISSO domains

– Extremely cost-effective Udemy pricing

  1. Skillset CISSO Exam Prep

Skillset provides premium CISSO training featuring instructional videos, cybersim labs, flashcards, and over 1,000 exam practice questions to gain expertise.


– Online CISSO exam preparation course

– Instructional videos, practice questions, and more

– Labs, flashcards, additional study tools


– Skillset is an accredited online learning provider

Course Content

– 100+ CISSO training videos

– 1,000+ practice exam questions

– 2+ simulated cybersecurity labs


– Video lessons taught by subject matter experts

– Supplemental study aids provided


– On-demand video delivery

– Optimized viewing on desktop and mobile

– Track progress through the course

Interactive Elements

– Cybersim lab environments reinforce concepts

– Flashcard repetition aids retention

– Practice tests with review explain answers


– Self-paced on-demand video access

– Study anywhere on your schedule


– Available by paid monthly/annual subscription

– Free 7-day trial offered

Student Reviews

– 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 1,300+ ratings

– Praised for the quality and volume of practice questions


– 1,000+ CISSO exam practice questions

– Cybersecurity lab simulations

– Supplemental study aids and flashcards

  1. ITProTV CISSO Training

ITProTV delivers engaging on-demand CISSO training covering all exam objectives through streaming instructional videos, demos, tutorials, and practice questions.


– Online video training for CISSO certification

– 200+ training videos across domains

– Practice questions and supplemental materials


– ITProTV is an accredited IT training provider

Course Content

– 200+ CISSO training videos

– Domain walkthroughs explain objectives

– Chapter quizzes reinforce retention

  1. Pluralsight CISSO Certification Prep Course

Pluralsight offers an engaging CISSO exam prep course consisting of video training modules, knowledge checks, and supplemental materials to gain security management skills.


– Online on-demand CISSO certification prep course

– 7+ hours of video training content

– Practice questions and study aids


– Pluralsight is an accredited technology skills platform

Course Content

– 50+ video training modules across domains

– Module knowledge checks reinforce concepts

– Supplemental CISSO study aids and resources


– Video course created/presented by leading instructors

– Clear explanations with relevant examples


– On-demand video delivery with lifetime access

– Viewable across desktop, mobile, and tablets

– Downloadable videos allow offline viewing

Interactive Elements

– Knowledge checks embedded throughout the course

– Searchable transcripts and note-taking tools

– Discussion forums provide engagement


– Lifetime self-paced on-demand access

– Learning paths structure courses


– Available as a paid individual or enterprise subscription

– Free 10-day trial period

Student Reviews

– 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 100+ global ratings

– Praised for clear and effective video instruction


– Taught by cybersecurity experts

– Downloadable videos enable offline viewing

– Knowledge checks for reinforcement

  1. CISSO Certification Institute

CISSO Certification Institute developed this comprehensive CISSO exam preparation program spanning instructional videos, quizzes, exams, labs and other resources.


– Online self-paced CISSO certification training

– 300+ training videos and practice questions

– Hand-on labs, practice tests, and more


– CISSO Certification Institute is an accredited training provider

Course Content

– 300+ CISSO certification training videos

– 1,000+ CISSO exam practice questions

– 2+ practical cybersecurity lab simulations


– Video lessons presented by subject matter experts

– Supplemental study materials provided


– Self-paced on-demand video delivery

– Accessible 24/7 online throughout the course

– Optimized for any desktop or mobile

Interactive Elements

– Interactive quizzes and flashcards

– CISSO exam simulations

– Hands-on virtual cybersecurity labs


– Lifetime access to on-demand materials

– Self-paced anytime, anywhere learning


– $349 for full CISSO prep course access

Student Reviews

– 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 500+ reviews

– Praised for comprehensive training and support


– 1,000+ practice exam questions

– Hands-on lab environments

– Full exam readiness in one course


Have you decided to pick a course from the “Top 10 CISSO Online Training Programs to Earn a Top Cybersecurity Certification”. Earning the premier CISSO certification validates your expertise in managing enterprise cybersecurity programs. While self-study is possible, most benefit greatly from quality online training programs covering all exam objectives through an interactive learning experience.

This guide reviewed the top CISSO online courses from accredited providers based on up-to-date curriculum, instructors, support, flexibility, cost, and student satisfaction. Whether seeking an intensive boot camp, video course, or self-paced online program, options exist to prepare you fully for the CISSO exam from anywhere.

Use this analysis to find the right CISCO certification training fit to launch your career managing strategic security initiatives and become a leader in the high-demand cybersecurity field.


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