Free Online Medical Coding Courses with Certificates

In the medical industry today, medical coding has now become one of the foundations that strengthens proper health care administration, since it is important for proper documentation of diagnosis and medical procedures.

Medical coding simply has to do with assigning specific codes to medical services for purposes like billing and insurance. In order to excel in the field of medical coding, one has to go through training and be certified.

Good news, this where the online certifications come in, some of which offer free medical coding tutorial classes while some others may be played, and they give you the opportunity to learn virtually while still obtaining a physical certificate, this particular features makes it very well sought after, preferable and better then the traditional physical learning, thus enhancing individual skills in the field of training.

Lets delve into the topic “Free Online Medical Coding Courses with Certificates“.

Overview of Medical Coding

To be more precise, medical coding is a unique language used in the aspect of healthcare to convert hospital data like patients diagnosis, procedures, treatments and lots more into alphanumeric characters or codes that can be globally recognised.

These alphanumeric codes are important when filling a medical bill and placing a medical insurance claim.  Accuracy in the field medical coding is one which is not over rated as individuals who aspirer to be medical programmers should have very good accuracy with data compilation, patience, care, and lots more that will be thought during your training.

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Importance of Medical Coding Certification

There are so many benefits that may come from Obtaining a medical coding certificate, some of the numerous importance will be shortlisted below:

  1. Obtaining a certificate shows that you are trained and have high proficiency in acurately transforming codes, better understand medical terminology and following the necessary codeing guidelines.

2. It helps you to be at higher advantage over an uncertified medical programmer, as it shows your credibility and reliability in whatever health care organisation you may want to sign up for. Certification generally leads to better job opportunities, with mouth watering salaries in the health care sector.

Benefits of Online Medical Coding Courses

The Online medical coding courses have alot of benefits to which makes it ideal and recommended for you to try out. They are as follows:

Flexibility and convenience

Online medical coding course are known for their exceptional flexibility and convenience in teaching, as students learn from their places of comfort, are not affected by distance and can do some other things while learning.

Customizable learning plans

The courses offered provides the students the opportunity to learn a their own learning pace and style, making learning fun and understanding at its highest efficiency.

Increased Credibility

In addition, obtaining a certificate in the field of medical coding from the online courses can help increase your credibility, clients will trust you more and will pay you better since you are a professional.

List of 13 Free Online Medical Coding Courses with Certificates

i.  edX – Introduction to Health care and treatments

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ii. Alison – gives you a Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

iii. Coursera – Degree in Medical Coding and Billing

  1. Athena Forum – Fundamentals of medical coding
  2. Udemy – Basics of Medical Coding
  3. Practice Fusion – Coding course

vii. Medical coding projects – Training on medical coding field

viii. Penn Foster – Intro to Medical Coding

  1. AAPC – Understanding ICD-10-CM
  2. Codeacademy – Learn Medical Billing
  3. Saylor Academy – Healthcare Information technology and Medical Coding course

xii. Universal Class – Medical Billing and Coding

xiii. 360Training – Comprehensive Medical Coding Course

How to Choose the Right Medical Coding Course

There are certain things one has to look out for in order to select the right medical coding course. Selecting the medical coding course that will best suit you is one simple-difficult task, and must be handled with care. They are as follows:

  1. Most recommended and popular

It is important one check out feedbacks from other graduates in the medical coding field, analyze their responses and recommendations then settle for a particular one.

  1. It is ideal if one goes to see a consultant or even a medical coding expert

It will help you gather more knowledge about the whole medical coding, the selected tutor and if their certificates are credible enough.

  1. The duration of the study

This particular aspect is making enquiries about how long their courses will run for, here you will select which best suits you and settle for it.

  1. Look for tutors with high learning standards

Make enquiries about their standard of learning, if they cover the relevant topics and do well defined practical works that makes you experienced even without getting to do it physically.

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Tips for Success in Online Medical Coding Courses


Create a study schedule

Do well to make maximum use of your time by preparing a schedule, this will help you to be more organized during your days work. You could create schedules for your study and tasks.

Engage with the course material

Try to participate wholly in class discussions, debates, quizzes, assignments and tests. As they will help build your knowledge and broaden your experience.

Seek additional resources

Do not only read with the recommended textbooks, try out other platforms, textbooks, and coding manuals for better understanding about the course.

Practice coding exercises

Do well to always practice after you are being taught, apply the learner concepts to the  real-world scenarios, they will help you remember better if you are to sit for any examination, it will boost your expertise.

Stay updated

Keep increasing your knowledge about medical coding, keep reading, experimenting and asking questions about things you may not understand.

Final Words

In summary, I will say it is ideal for you to enroll in free online medical coding courses that will offer you certificates, as it will help your career growth and develop your profession.

By selecting the right medical coding course and tutor that suits you, you can commit yourself to learning and follow all practices to become a good medical programmer. You can now seize the opportunity, increase your knowledge and acquire this billion dollar skill needed to excel in the field of medical coding.

With the fast rising demand for certified professionals in the healthcare industry, obtaining a medical coding certification can be of great help, as it is key to unlocking more job opportunities in this very competitive industry.


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