Free Freight Broker Training Online

A freight broker simply refers to a middle man that works as a bridge or connection between shippers and carriers of exported goods, thereby enhancing the easy going movement of the transportation system of these products.

Brief Importance of Freight Broker Training

With the freight broker, you are at advantage as a carrier or a shipper, as

  • The shipping process will be a lot easier.
  • Making the decision of the best transportation medium to use is more precise, as the broker has a knowledge of the process.

Note that a freight broker must be properly trained in order to scale through the complexities of the industry, and excel in the very competitive market.

Overview of the increasing demand for freight brokers

With the prevailing increase of the e-commerce market and global international trade, the demand for trained and expert freight brokers is on the rise, there by increasing their worth and making it easier to excel as a freight broker now

Brief Introduction to the Concept of Free Online Training Options

Free Freight Broker Training Online

There are opportunities of both physical and virtual ongoing training Programs. Here the centre of focus are the virtual training Programs, as they offer students a way to learn in a budget friendly way without breaking the bank to achieve a certificate in freight brokerage.

There are loads of benefits to be bagged such as convenience, customizable learning plans, installment payments of fees and lots more too numerous to mention.

Understanding Freight Brokerage

Role of a freight broker

The role of a freight broker in the transportation industry is that they aim in connecting the shippers with carriers, helping to negotiate the transportation rate of the products to be shipped, filing for refunds if any product is damaged in the process of transportation and also overseeing the whole transportation process.

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Skills required to become a successful freight broker

Just like other professions or jobs, there are certain skills that are required of you in order to be a successful freight broker. They are as follows:

  • Effective communication.
  • Good negotiation skills.
  • Keen attention to major and minor details.
  • Knowledge of the transportation and importation industry.

Importance of having basic knowledge of the industry, its rules and regulations

Free Freight Broker Training Online

Having a basic knowledge of the industry, it’s regulation, market trends and so on is key to helping you overcome the complexities and difficulties that may arise along the line. Having better understanding helps you make better and more precise decisions faster as you already know what to do in the situations you may find yourself.

Overview of the responsibilities of a freight broker

There are not so many responsibilities of a freight broker, it’s responsibilities are just simple straightforward, they include:

  • Managing shipments of products.
  • Tracking orders.
  • Resolving potential issues that may arise from the shipment process.
  • Though their responsibilities can be diverse too, it needs a lot of expertise to handle.

Benefits of Free Freight Broker Training

1. Accessibility to individuals from diverse backgrounds

Free training programs reach a wider range of audience , making quality tutoring easily accessible for both people that can afford it and people that cannot. It provides an avenue for proper tutoring and understanding for aspirants of freight brokerage.

2. Cost-effective approach to learning

Free online training Programs, as some operate with installment payments, while some others complete whisk off the bills incurred in getting proper knowledge of freight brokerage. This helps in providing quality education for aspirants, whilst not incurring significant costs at all.

3. Flexibility in scheduling and pacing

Online tutoring programs provide flexibility for learners, where they are given the opportunity to customise their learning schedules based on their reading patterns or pace of learning, convenience also adapting the schedule to their busy schedules for their personal life.

4. Ability to explore the field before committing to paid programs

Free online training programs serves as a stepping stone for learners to better understand and explore the world of freight brokerage even before investing in paid programs, thereby reducing risk of losses.

5 Free Freight Broker Training Programs Online

Free Freight Broker Training Online

1. Freight Broker Mastery

Overview of the curriculum

The freight broker mastery program offers a comprehensive lesson on the freight brokerage, which includes the freight brokerage rules, regulations, negotiation skills, development strategies and other required qualities of a good broker.

Topics covered

  • Freight broker documentation
  • Carrier selection
  • Efficient marketing strategies
  • Selection of transportation medium
  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations.
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Duration and format of the training

The Program usually lasts for a duration of about 10-12 weeks. It includes virtual classes, video tutorials, interactive online quizzes, assignments and tests.

User reviews and ratings

A lot of participants have given soothing testimonies about the Program, it’s practical tips that helped them and how they have now become successful brokers.

2. Freight Broker Pro

Overview of the curriculum

The freight broker pro offers intense tutoring of advanced freight brokerage topics such as financial management, identifying prevailing industry trends  and building a good customer relationship.

Topics covered in the program

  • Negotiation of the transportation cost.
  • Tracking of the products being shipped.
  • Legal aspects of freight brokerage
  • Customer service and relationship.

Duration of the training

The training program is often carried out twice a week for 12 consecutive months, with case studies, group assignments and projects until the Program is completed.

User reviews and ratings

Past students or learner’s have made testimonies of the unique program, it’s benefits and how it has helped them become better freight brokers.

3. Freight Broker Essentials

Overview of the curriculum

This particular program offers a good foundation of freight brokerage, which includes the roles and responsibilities, basic operations, requirement, negotiation and market analysis.

Topics covered

  • Freight forwarding
  • Basics of freight brokerage insurance
  • Management of basic risks that may arise
  • Negotiation and sales techniques.

Duration and format of the training

The Program is usually completed within a span of 6 months.

User reviews and ratings

Participants of this tutoring program have confessed that it was indeed beginner-friendly, all curriculum was thouroughly dealt with and the practical aspect of tutoring helped them overcome the complexities of freight brokerage.

4. Freight Broker Bootcamp

Overview of the curriculum

This intensive program focuses on covering all you should know about freight brokerage, from its rules, laws and regulations, to compliance, negotiations and proper business planning.

Topics covered

  • Market dynamics and analysis
  • Understanding the freight brokerage market
  • Tracking shipping goods
  • Strategic partnerships with shippers
  • Financial schedule planning and analysis.

Duration and format of the training

The program lasts nothing less than a month of virtual classes, practices and lots more.

User reviews and ratings

This program is highly recommended for other leaners, as it provides in-depth on the nature of the job, rules, regulations and all that is required of you.

5. Freight Broker Success Guide

Overview of the curriculum

This program specialises on the strategies and practical tips for success as a freight broker. This teaching includes negotiation skills, requirements, tracking products, market analysis and lots more.

Topics covered

  • Building a good customer broker relationship
  • Negotiation of freight rate
  • Use of technological tools
  • Business and market analysis and lots more.
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Duration and format of the training

The Program runs for a period of 8 weeks that is equivalent to 2 months of intensive training.

User reviews and ratings

Participants have commended the program about the intensive training it offers and gives a clear insight about the whole freight brokerage industry.

Choosing the Right Training Program


  1. Consideration of individual learning preferences

It is important you look out for an online training program that is in line with your learning pattern, learning pace, your style of learning through videos, quizzes, tests and so on. This will help you understand better.

ii. Assessment of program content and relevance

Ensure that the online training program you sign up for, covers all the necessary topics which are important to achieving great success as a freight broker in the competitive industry.

iii. Reviewing user feedback and ratings

Check out reviews and recommendations by past participants of these online training programs, this will help you make more informed decisions, give you insights on how they operate and tell the quality of the training program in focus.

iv. Seeking additional resources and support

Do well to look out for online training programs that offer other benefits to learners such as free mentorship programme, guidance and counseling etc.

Where to Enroll for Free Freight Broker Training Online

Here are some platforms you can enroll for free freight broker training online:

Evilsizor & Associates

Federal licensing and bonding assistance for freight brokers is provided by Evilsizor & Associates.

The company’s YouTube channel features more than 100 films that provide information on the legal requirements of operating as a freight broker.

Videos contain brief, free videos that address more specialized topics as well as previews of the company’s paid courses.

If you’re interested in working with the company for assistance with your federal licensure, they are situated in Colorado.

Freight 360

With around 300 films available for free on YouTube, Freight 360 is a highly rated channel.

The channel’s goal is to increase accessibility to transportation expertise by covering every facet of the freight sector.

Videos offer a wide range of topics, including supply chain management, freight pricing negotiation, and suggested freight broker technology and tools.

Since each video only addresses one subject, it’s simple to fill up knowledge gaps and keep current on new advancements in the business.

Freight Broker Boot Camp

Another YouTube channel that offers fundamental training for freight brokers and agents is called Freight Broker Boot Camp.

The channel, which has about 500 videos, is a one-stop training resource that seeks to give a thorough overview of the field.

Dennis Brown, who started with little experience and rose to become one of the top 100 freight brokers in just ten years, is the channel’s manager.

Brown wants to help you become a prosperous and effective freight broker by imparting his knowledge and expertise.

Final Words

In a nutshell i will say that the Freight brokerage is a course worth the hype, it’s a rewarding career that needs expertise and training in order to succeed. Here free online training programs serve as a good means of obtaining quality information about freight brokerage in a budget friendly way, which is helpful for aspiring freight brokers.


By leveraging these effective training options, aspiring freight brokers can now equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this very competitive broker market.


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