17 Best Game lodges in South Africa

South Africa’s game lodges are known for their safaris that take place in stunning landscapes with abundant wildlife. The lodges are suited to all types of travelers, including budget-conscious tourists and luxury seekers. They offer a chance to experience the beauty and wildness of Africa. In this blog post, we will look into the “Best Game lodges in South Africa“.

Consider these key factors when discussing game lodges in South Africa.


  1. Location: South Africa has a wide variety of ecosystems from savannahs to grasslands, forests and deserts. Many game lodges are located in or near national parks or private game reserves. This allows guests to experience diverse habitats, and see a variety of wildlife.
  2. Accommodations: Game Lodges offer different accommodations that suit different budgets and preferences. There’s something to suit everyone, from luxurious safari lodges that offer lavish amenities like private plunge pools to rustic tent camps offering an authentic bush experience. Many lodges have been designed to blend in with their natural surroundings and offer guests a close connection to the wild.
  3. Wildlife Observation: The main attraction of game lodges are the opportunities to see Africa’s iconic animals up close. Game drives and bushwalks are led by experienced guides and trackers who take guests deep into the wilderness where they can see the Big Five: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinoceros. They also encounter other fascinating animals such as zebras and giraffes.
  4. Game Lodges offer many activities in addition to the game drives and bushwalks to enhance your safari experience. Some of these activities include stargazing and birdwatching as well as cultural encounters with the local community, photography safaris, balloon rides, or visits to rehabilitation centers or conservation projects.
  5. Dining and Cuisine: Many lodges take pride in their gourmet food, which showcases local flavors and ingredients. Enjoy delicious bush breakfasts and sunset cocktails. Lantern-lit dinners are also available under the stars.
  6. Sustainability and Conservation: The conservation of wildlife is the main focus of many South African game lodges. The lodges actively take part in community development, environmental sustainability, and wildlife protection initiatives. This helps preserve the natural heritage of future generations. Some lodges provide educational programs that promote conservation awareness.
  7. Service and Hospitality: South African game lodges are known for their exceptional hospitality and personalized services. The staff are passionate about the environment and wildlife, ensuring guests feel welcomed, comfortable and well-cared for throughout their stay.
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In general, South African game lodges offer an unforgettable safari experience in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

17 Best Game lodges in South Africa


  1. Londolozi private Game Reserve:

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Location : Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga

Description Londolozi is known for its luxury accommodations and excellent game viewing opportunities. It offers a unique safari experience. The lodges are beautifully decorated and offer guided bush walks, game drives, and relaxation.

  1. Singita Sabi sand:

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Location Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga

Description Singita Sabi Sand’s elegant lodges are renowned for their top-notch service and unmatched wildlife sightings. Expert guides and trackers will take guests on exciting safaris where they can observe the Big Five as well as other iconic African wildlife.

  1. MalaMala Game Reserve

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Location Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga

Description MalaMala, one of South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious game reserves is a classic safari experience. The classic safari experience includes luxurious accommodation, excellent game viewing and expertly guided game drives and bush walks.

  1. Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Location : Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga

Description Sabi Sabi offers an immersive safari with its luxurious lodges, prime wildlife viewing and opportunities to experience the African bush. The African bush can be explored on guided nature walks and game drives led by experienced rangers.

  1. Phinda Private Game Reserve:

Location: KwaZulu-Natal.

Description Phinda is a unique wildlife viewing experience, with a variety of ecosystems from savannahs to wetlands. Guests stay in luxurious lodges, participate in bush walks and conservation activities, and enjoy game drives.

  1. Royal Malewane:

Location: Greater Kruger National Park, Limpopo.

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Description Royal Malewane is the epitome of luxury in the African bush. It offers a safari experience that is unforgettable, with opulent accommodation, gourmet dining and excellent game viewing.

  1. Lion Sands Game Reserve

Location: Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga

Description Lion Sands offers guests a stunning view of the Sabie River and unrivalled game viewing opportunities. Game drives and bushwalks offer the chance to see Africa’s iconic animals.

  1. Kapama Private Game Reserve:

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Location: Hoedspruit, Limpopo.

Description Kapama is a family-friendly Safari experience, with a variety of accommodation options and activities for all ages. Guests are invited to enjoy bush walks, game drives and visits to Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

  1. Shamwari private Game Reserve:

Location: Eastern Cape

Description Shamwari offers luxurious accommodations, and a wildlife experience like no other. Guests are invited to take part in guided walks, game drives and conservation activities.

  1. Madikwe Game Reserve

Location: North West Province.

Description Madikwe, one of South Africa’s largest game reserves is known for its varied landscapes and abundance wildlife. The lodges are luxurious and guests can enjoy bush walks, game drives and birdwatching.

  1. Kwandwe Private Game Reserve:

Location : Eastern Cape

Description Kwandwe is an exclusive safari in a wilderness setting. The lodges offer guests guided game drives, bushwalks, and conservation experiences.

  1. Tswalu Kalahari:

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Northern Cape Location

Description Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa’s biggest private game reserve offers a unique safari in the Kalahari Desert. Guests will be able to stay in luxury lodges and explore the desert landscape. They can also encounter rare and endangered animals.

  1. Amakhala Game Reserve

Location: Eastern Cape

Description: Amakhala Game Reserve is a family friendly game reserve that offers a variety of safari activities and accommodations. Guests are able to enjoy game drives, birdwatching and river cruises as well as visits to nearby cultural sites.

  1. Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve:

Location: KwaZulu-Natal.

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Description Thanda Safari offers guests an immersive wildlife adventure that combines luxury and conservation. Luxury lodges, guided game drives and conservation are all part of Thanda Safari.

  1. Kwandwe Private Game Reserve:

Location Eastern Cape

Description Kwandwe is an exclusive safari in a wilderness setting. The lodges offer guests a luxurious stay and guided bush walks, game drives and conservation experiences.

  1. Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge:

Location: Madikwe Game Reserve in North West Province.

Description This lodge provides luxury accommodation nestled in the African bush. The lodge offers guests the opportunity to relax, go on bush walks and enjoy a game drive.

  1. Tanda Tula Safari Camp:

Best Game lodges in South Africa

Location: Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Limpopo.

Description Tanda Tula provides an authentic safari with comfortable tented accommodation and expertly guided games drives. The beauty of Africa’s bush is a must-see for guests.

These game lodges offer a unique combination of luxury, adventure and wildlife experiences. They are among the best in South Africa.


The thorough guide “17 Best Game Lodges in South Africa” features some of the best spots in the country to see wildlife and stay in opulent lodging. The lodges listed in the guide cater to tourists looking for exceptional safari experiences by combining luxurious amenities with safari adventures in a distinctive way. Every lodge is handpicked with consideration for things like location, chances to see wildlife, caliber of lodging, and overall experience of guests.


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