5 Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident

One of the most common forms of accidents are Car accidents, it’s occurrence world wide is at a rise and several cases are recorded as the days go by. Car accidents are simply road accidents caused by so many reasons some of which are not following proper driving rules, drinking while driving, paying less attention to the immediate environment and lots more.

Have you ever thought of Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident? Though there are based on certain factors, but it is advised that Car drivers clear their mind of disturbing thoughts, observe safety precautions and obey traffic rules so as to reduce the risks of car accidents in our society, reduce loss of lives and properties too.

Here, this article will tell you all there is to know about Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident, highlighting the factors that contribute to their vulnerability and lots more.

Factors Contributing to Car Damage in Accidents

Their are alot of factors that may increase the vulnerability of a vehicle in any accidents. Some of the very numerous factors will be shortlisted below, they are as follows:

1. The structural design of the vehicle:

Talking about the structural design of the vehicle, this comprises of the materials used in the making of the vehicle, note that they play a crucial role in determining the damage that a vehicle might sustain if it was to be involved in an accident.

2. Safety features and advanced technologies present in the vehicle:

These refer to the unique features of the vehicle such as emergency exits, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, air bag, oxygen supply, air tight glass windows, waterproof engines and lots more, that will be useful during an accident.

3. The size and weight of a vehicle:

This is an important factor too, the mass of a vehicle can determine the damages it may sustain in an accident, as bigger vehicles will have bigger damages done and they are able to withstand greater collisions while the smaller vehicles vice versa.

4. The speed and force of impact exerted during a crash:

If there was no much speed and force at the time of the accident, there will be less damages sustained, therefore it is ideal that drivers do not over speed  so as to reduce risk of accidents leading to loss of lives and properties.

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5. The type of collision:

This involves the pattern at which the crash occurred such as frontal, side, or rear-end impacts, these form of collisions can also influence the degree of damage experienced by the vehicle, driver and even passengers.

5 Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident

Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident

Following, is a comprehensive list of 5 cars that are prone to sustaining alot of damages if they were to be involved in an accident. Note that this rating is based on their previous performance, research, feedbacks from car owners and the writers idea. They are as follows:

1. The Ford Pinto


The Ford Pinto a vehicle that was first produced and test rubbed in the year 1971 aimed at achieving luxury while it is still budget friendly for buyers.

The Ford pinto’s light weight feature and relatively low price in the very competitive car market, attracted so many buyers, and made the creation well sought after.

But nevertheless it’s safety record was far from manageable. According to research and statistics it is obvious that the Ford Pinto is one of the most unsafe cars ever produced.

Structural vulnerabilities of the Ford Pinto

There are so many structural vulnerabilities that can be sited in the Ford Pinto some of the numerous vulnerabilities are shortlisted below:

  • It’s lightweight design that makes it easier for it to capsize if it is to be involved in an accident.
  • The location of its fuel tank, that makes the burning of the whole vehicle alot easier and faster, giving no room for escape of driver and passengers.
  • The fuel tank is also designed to be very close to the rear axle, and from test conducted rear end collisions that may occur after reaching 20miles per hour may cause the fuel tank to rupture on its own, explode and catch fire.

Safety features

Talking about safety features, it is for sure that the Ford Pinto was lacking behind.

  • The car did not have seat belts in the rear to prevent too much shock or pressure during collisions.
  • It didn’t have other basic safety features such as headrests and door locks.
  • It even lacked the most basic safety features that were included in the car, such as the brakes, they were there but was of poor quality and efficiency.
  • As a result of all these omissions I’ll say, the Ford Pinto vehicle earned a reputation as a dangerous and unsafe car for driving. The Ford company later added some of these features, but it was just too late to save the Ford Pinto’s reputation.

2. The Chevrolet Corvair


The Chevrolet Corvair a vehicle produced by General Motors in the duration of 1960 to 1969. The Chevrolet Corvair was GM’s intentional attempt to compete with rising Volkswagen Beetle vehicle and it unique features that sure will attract alot of potential buyers.

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Initially the Chevrolet Corvair  was a success, it then gained a bad reputation after a writer known as Ralph Nader then accused the vehicle of having safety flaws and can be alot dangerous than normal vehicles at high speed.

The general motors discontinued the production of this vehicle, but its legacy still remains a controversy till today.

Structural vulnerabilities

Just like the Ford Pinto, the Chevrolet Corvair vehicle was plagued by its structural flaws that made it at high risk of accidents and injury during the course of driving the vehicle.

The Chevrolet Corvair had a high tendency to capsize when it is to do a sharp turn, due to its light weight and swing-axle rear suspension. The Chevrolet Corvair’s front end was also at high risk of collapsing in any collisions, that will lead to a fire outbreak in the vehicle which may cause alot of damages. These aforementioned structural vulnerabilities led to alot of lawsuits pressed against the General motors.

Safety features

The Chevrolet Corvair for sure was equipped with some unique safety features, which included padded dashboards, collapsible steering columns, and energy-absorbing steering wheels.

Nonetheless, these unique safety features were no match to securing or reducing the car’s risk of accidents. In addition, the Chevrolet Corvair lacked other basic safety features such as seatbelts and headrests just like the Ford Pinto. This made the vehicle more dangerous than it has already been along the years.

3. AMC Gremlin

The AMC Gremlin a vehicle produced by American Motors Corporation meant to be budget friendly while displaying pure luxury, was produced from 1970 to 1978.

It was known for its rear engine, rear wheel and both 2 doors or 4 doors peculiar design. The AMC Gremlin was a fun car, and came to lime light in mid 1970’s as it was well sought after based on its budget friendly market price and its fuel efficient design.

Structural vulnerabilities

Without wasting much of your time, it is important to note that one of the biggest structural vulnerabilities of the AMC Gremlin vehicle was its unibody construction.

This particular unibody feature of the vehicle though it made the car lighter, efficient at high speed and more fuel-efficient, but it also made the car prone to capsizing or easily compressing if it is in a collision or at high speed.

Safety features

The AMC Gremlin had some inbuilt basic safety features, like the padded dashboards, lap belts and so on. Nevertheless, it still lacked many other Modern safety features such as headrests, shoulder belts, air bag and even collapsible steering column.

All these flaws then made the AMC Gremlin less safe than it’s competitors and drastically reduced the demand rate of the vehicle.

4. Ford Edsel



Ford Edsel a vehicle produced by the Fords cooperation in the late 1950’s. The Ford Edsel in its time was criticised for its door design and craft, minor production mistakes and even it’s marketing failure.

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Irrespective of these problems, the Ford Edsel also had some peculiar features, such as it’s tele-touch transmission and it’s dope car front, all these where peculiar to this production and was what made it sell out before it met it’s downfall later in the years.

Structural vulnerabilities

The major structural failure of the Ford Edsel design is it’s nose cone design. The Ford Edsel car’s front end was shaped like a nose cone, surrounded by two “bulbous” front fenders.

This particular design made the car prone to more damage if it was to be in an accident, as it reduces the car’s efficiency and has increased speed because of reduced air pressure. This why the Ford Edsel has been termed unsafe for driving till today.

Safety features

Aside the many criticisms, the Ford Edsel just like the other vehicles on this list, still had some safety features, though they were the basic safety features which included a seat belt, a padded dashboard, a lap belt, an air bag and so on.

Nonetheless, it did not have headrests, side impact protection, and other advanced safety features that was becoming the new standard as at that time. However the Ford Edsel was a victim of criticism, and was called unsafe for driving.

5. AMC Pacer

The AMC Pacer was produced in the late 1970’s. Known for its peculiar design, which was it’s come bottle shape and greenhouse. The AMC Pacer was also known for its good interior designs. Despite these aforementioned features, the AMC Pacer was not really a success, as it faced criticism from customers for its unsafety.

Structural vulnerabilities

The AMC Pacer just like the other vehicles on this list, had a number of structural vulnerabilities, such as it’s weak body design, poor aerodynamics and absence of side impact protections. All these factors made the Pacer unsafe for driving,  and reduced its demand generally.

Safety features

The Pacer for sure had a few safety features, like the seatbelts, padded dashboards, collapsible steering wheel, lap belts and so on. Nonetheless it lacked other safety features like headrests, airbags, anti lock brakes, shoulder straps and lots more. This made it unfit, and a failure commercially.

Cars That Have More Damage In An Accident


In a nutshell I will say, that having read through this article. Getting to know what car accidents do mean, their effects in our society, factors that may may determine the degree to which a vehicle is damaged in an accident, the five major cars that have more damage in an accident and results of comparison of these vehicles.

It is now seen and known to be that car accidents are occurrences that though cannot be fully stopped, we are to bring these occurrences to its minimum reducing risk and damages it may cause, by abiding to traffic rules and regulations, obeying traffic wardens, make use of safety technological devices, reduce over speeding and avoid drinking while driving, with these our society will be safe and road accident occurrences will be at its lowest.


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