Business Schools in France

France is a country commendable for its rich culture, history, stunning natural views, and entrepreneurial spirit. From its fashion capital Paris, home to the world’s best models and fashion brands to its tech hub Lyon. France is blessed with most of the world’s Best Business Schools.

With an emphasis on innovation, research, development, and international trade, French business schools offer a peculiar combination of theoretical academic tutelage, excellence, and practical expertise.

Here in this article, we will delve into the best Business Schools in France, as we highlight their various strengths, uniqueness, areas of specialty, and lots more. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in Business or any other executive education courses these 13 Institutions have got you covered. Without wasting much of your time let’s get into the topic of the day.

Best Business Schools in France

1. Montpellier Business School

Established in the year 1897, The Montpellier Business School was set up and established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier, France. This particular Business School still functions to date and it is one of the oldest in France.

They offer a variety of degree programs like the MBA, Grande Ecole, and other executive academic programs. All from diploma, PhD, and Master’s degree levels. The Montpellier Business School is popular in France, for its ability to provide graduates of the prestigious business school employment even before graduation. This in general encourages scholars to pursue a degree in business at the Montpellier Business School, as there is over 70% employment chance.

2. HEC Paris

Hautes Études Commerciales. Abbreviated as the HEC Paris, it was established in the year 1881. One of the oldest Business Schools in Paris dating back to the late 80’s. Throughout the years the HEC Paris Business School has opened a good number of branches globally. It has a spot in the world’s best Business Schools ranking.

This institution specializes in any business or management-related degree programs. Offering them at both PhD and Master’s degree levels, the school isn’t bilingual as all its degree programs are seen to be conducted mostly in the English language.

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3. Grenoble École de Management

The Grenoble School of Management is often referred to by the French people as Grenoble École de Management (GEM) for short. Is inarguably one of the best business schools in the world. Established in the late 90’s this institution facilitates both undergraduate and masters\doctoral studies.

The Grenoble School of Management, France offers a ton of international degree programs, numbering up to 15, in Grenoble, Paris, and other places of the world which is a part of their ambitious global mission. The versatility of this institution, its faculty expertise, and the degree programs they offer are what make this institution unique and ideal for you to study in.

4. INSEAD Business School

The Institute Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) for short is a business school in Fontainebleau, France. It is one of the best in the world, it provides a variety of graduate-level degree programs. However, the INSEAD business school only has campuses in Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

This prestigious Business School has a good number of foreign staff and students. This business school was one of the first in the world to make use of the multi-campus educational approach to enhance learning. This business school offers master’s degrees, executive education programs, and Ph.D degree-level options.

5. EDHEC Business School

The École Des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord, shortened as EDHEC Business School, is located in Lille, France. This prestigious Business School has campuses in over 5 places in the world which are Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore. This business school dates back to the early 90’s making it have a spot in one of the oldest Business Schools in France.

The institution offers programs like the MSc, MBA and BBA programs all conducted in English. Their specialty is in aspects of management, finance, commerce, Economics and business. Graduates of this prestigious Business School can take on any job anywhere in the world as they are seen as experts and have a very well recognised credential.

6. SKEMA Business School

Formerly known as École Supérieure de Commerce de Lille, ESC Lille now (SKEMA) for short was created in the year 2009 which was a result of the fusion of two French universities, CERAM Business School and Groupe ESC Lille, France. This business school is privately owned. The Institution offers degree programs at both Masters and Ph.D. level. It specializes in areas of business and management offering and degree programs that are in relation to them.

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Since 2016 this institution has earned triple accreditation by the AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. The SKEMA Business School has a couple of campuses globally that numbers up to 6, it is a combination of both indigenous and international students, housing hundreds of students from over 50 foreign countries. There is no doubt that this institution occupies a top spot in the best business schools ranking in France.

7. The American Business School of Paris

The American Business School of Paris dates back to the late 90’s. This Business school has a large number of international students with the intent of learning with the American educational methods with a combination of the French culture.

This Business school provides an array of business degree options, of which they are all conducted in the English language. Graduates of this prestigious Business school are given both an American degree and a French Degree, which is recognised worldwide. Its academic system is multiracial as the school creates a good networking system for students of different races and ethnicities to interact freely. This is another reason why the American Business School of Paris is ideal for your study.

8. ESSEC Business School

The ESSEC Business School, established in the year 1907. Is a leading Business school in Frame, this institution has campuses in France, Singapore, and Morocco. It offers numerous degree programmes in business, finance and management, at the masters, bachelor’s and PhD. Levels.

9. ESCP Business School

Occupying a spot among the top oldest business schools in France the ESCP Business school was established in the early 80’s. It is multiracial and multicultural, as it has an outrageous number of international students.

It has over six campuses which are in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. It offers degree programs in business and management in all Bachelor, Master, Executive MBA, MBA, and Doctorate levels.

10. Emlyon Business School

The Emlyon Business School was established in the late 80’s in Lyon, France. The school is affiliated to the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is a leading business school in France with over 3 campuses around the world.  This institution is mixed with both international and domestic students and has a good networking opportunity. This business school specializes in areas of finance, entrepreneurship, business and management.

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11. Audencia Business School

The Audencia Business School was established in the year 1900. Located in Nantes, France this prestigious Business School has quite a large number of international students from over 70 countries. It offers a bachelors, master’s, doctoral and PhD. This business school is multiracial and graduates of this business school are given worldwide recognisable degree credentials.

12. KEDGE Business School

One of the leading Business Schools in France, the KEDGE Business School. The KEDGE business school has over 4 branches worldwide in Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, and Paris. It is one of the largest business schools in France and worldwide and has a top spot in the top 10 business schools in France.

This business school offers numerous degree programmes in areas of business and management. Throughout the years the KEDGE Business School has been rated as the largest French business school with a student number spanning more than 10,000.

13. NEOMA Business School

The NEOMA Business School is a French business school, established in the year 2013 as a result of the combination of two business schools which are the Rouen Business School and Reims Management School. Its past academic achievements in areas of business and management are commendable.

This business school is research driven and focuses on building entrepreneurial skills. The school offers an array of degree programmes from Bachelor’s , doctoral and Masters level in Management and business. It has over 3 campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris.


In a nutshell, one will say that France’s business education landscape is home to research, academic excellence, and cultural diversity. From the very prestigious Grenoble École de Management to other top business schools, the 13 best business schools in France offer a peculiar combination of culture, practice and theory.

Using practical and research-driven learning approaches, equipping students with just the entrepreneurial skills they need to succeed in the business world. These aforementioned business schools provide a good networking system for students of different races to interact and share ideas making it fit to pursue a career as an international student. All in all, France is definitely an ideal educational destination for international students seeking to pursue a degree in business, finance, managemens, commerce or economics.

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