Best Business Schools in Australia

Are you looking to pursue a career in business in Australia? But I don’t know what school of business to settle for. Well, look no further, as this article is a compendium of just all the information you need, to pay for the right business school that suits your academic needs and goals.

In this article, we will explore the 10 best business schools in Australia, highlighting their strengths, mouth-watering benefits, and what makes them the crème de la crème of Australian business education. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, market analyst, or economist these Business Schools in Australia have got you covered. So, grab your popcorn as we embark on this journey through the best business schools in Australia.

Best Business Schools in Australia

1. Australian National University

The Australian National University aims to contribute to the growth and development of Australian society by adding value to several industries of the country including its business sector. This institution is one of the leading business institutions in Australia and has earned this spot through its past academic achievement and top-notch educational system.

The Australian National University offers the MBA degree for a duration of a year and six months. This university is evidence\research as it allows her students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations in order to improve their sense of judgment and ability to make decisions.

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2. Monash University

Monash University is ranked number 4 in the top Best Business Schools in Australia according to the QS World Rankings for Business & Management Studies. Is a top leading business institution that focuses on building entrepreneurship skills and leadership qualities.

The University of Monash is not just making a difference in Australia alone, but in the world as a whole as they have campuses around the world and over 80+ international partners. This university offers a bachelor’s degree in business, commerce, finance, and also other education fields.

3. UT  Sydney Business School

The UT Sydney Business School specializes in areas of economics, finance, and business. They occupy a spot in the country’s top Best Business Schools. The university prioritizes the comfort of its students by providing both online and offline learning options. These learning options last for 2 years maximum for a full tutorage program and 4 years for a part-time program.

4. UQ Business School

The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School for short is one of the leading Australian Business Schools. The school aims to inspire a new generation of socially, knowledgeable and environmentally responsible individuals in the areas of research, business, economics, and finance.

Their Business degree programs have a duration of over one year but can exceed and spam up to more than 8 years for part-time scholars. This institution makes use of a variety of teaching methods that involve the use of virtual learning, practical learning, online study, internships, and seminars, all these enhance their learning process, helping students learn at their own pace and making learning easier and more convenient.

5. The University of Melbourne

According to the QS Rankings for Business & Management Studies, the University of Melbourne is ranked number 2 in Australia. This particular University dates back to the late 80’s making it occupy a spot as one of Australia’s oldest universities.

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At the University of Melbourne, they prioritize practical learning and are research-driven. They use a learning approach that involves excursions, group study, online study, virtual classes, workshops, and internships. The school’s networking system is commendable as it is free from racism and encourages people of different races and ethnicities in the same field to interact, study, do research, and share ideas.

6. Unisa Business School University of South Australia

The Unisa Business School is one of the top 10 Best Business Schools in Australia. This business school aims to produce business graduates who can contribute to the development of the economic sector of the country and are competent business leaders.

Its business degree programs run for about 1 year and 6 months full time and you have the option to complete them either offline or online. Their degree programs are quite flexible allowing you to tailor your study pattern based on your learning pace and set academic goals or preferences.

7. The Australian National University (ANU)

The Australian National University (ANU) for short is ranked number 6 in the top 10 best Australian Business Schools according to the QS World Rankings for Business & Managerial Studies.

This university is a pacesetter in the business school world as it offers top-notch and quality education. This institution is research-driven and is well-facilitated for pursuing a career in fields like business, market analytics, research and development, economics, engineering, and lots more.

8. RMIT University School of Business and Law

The. RMIT University School of Business and Law is a leading school of business in Australia. It offers a variety of business degree programs for both domestic and international students. It has a good number of foreign students with a good networking system, making it ideal for you to study as an international student as you will get to meet other scholars and experts from different races and ethnicities and share ideas.

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Its learning system is quite flexible as it allows you to choose from studying online or offline of which both run on different durations, which are 2 and 4 years respectively.

9. Deakin University

The Deakin University School of Business and Management is one of the top 10 best in Australia. The University is a leading research and innovation-driven institution. Focused on offering quality education to the next generation of business personnel, this school of business uses top-notch research facilities, cutting-edge advanced technologies, and a practical learning approach. This institution has a good number of foreign students making it a safe place for your study.

10. University of Western Australia Business School

The University of Western Australia Business School commonly referred to as (UWA) business school is one of the top 10 best business schools in Australia as of the time of writing. This business school aims to rekindle the fire of community development inspire its students to embrace innovation and research, and become the next-level business leaders.

Through the use of a practical learning approach, well-equipped research facilities, a conducive learning environment, flexible learning curriculum, and a good networking system the University of Western Australia business school aims to breed a new generation of business leaders for the development of Australia.


Australia’s business educational sector is a rich tapestry of academic excellence, research, innovation, and practical learning. The 10 best business schools in Australia that are aforementioned above are the epitome of this excellence, producing graduates who are equipped for success in the very complex business field.

As earlier said, whether you are seeking to pursue a career in business, economics, finance, or marketing. Whatever it is these Business Schools and universities have got your back. Make your choice now and start your journey to becoming that professional you want to be.

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